How The Plan Works

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYgo) is a payment plan that allows you to pay for a project/service over a term of two or more months for eligible services. This is a great feature for small businesses or upstarts with limited budgets.

The plan allows you to add extra services to your account as you need them over a period of time. Your monthly payments will be adjusted accordingly, and in most cases you can extend the term of months to keep your payment at or about the same as before you added extra services. Even after your project is paid in full, you always have the option to purchase more services and reactivte PAYgo as your business grows.

PAYgo is yet another way Kyu Systems fulfills the mission to help strengthen small, community businesses.

Plan Benefits and Features

  • No credit check or income requirements
  • no interest rates...ever
  • flexible 2-24 month terms
  • earn referral discounts or residual bonuses

Eligibility, Rules, and Guidelines

  • To be eligible for PAYgo, you must first have a subscription-based account with Kyu Systems. For example, if you have a qualifying Website Hosting account with Kyu Systems, you are eligible to purchase other qualifying services with the PAYgo plan. Each purchase is evaluated to determine eligibility for PAYgo, and Kyu Systems has the right to approve or disapprove a PAYgo purchase request based upon risk factors determined by us. Client payment history with Kyu Systems, the amount being financed, and the deposit amount are some of the factors involved in approving a PAYgo purchase.

  • A one-time setup fee is charged for the plan, which is 5% of the total project cost. This fee must be paid as a deposit and is required before or during your first monthly payment. The 5% setup fee also applies when later purchases are added to the plan, and are due immediately upon the purchasing of new services.

  • The minimum project cost and term to start a PAYgo plan is $200 with a 2-month term. Deposits, monthly payment amounts, and terms are evaluated and setup on a project by project basis.

  • Neither PAYgo nor any other Kyu Systems pricing structure or payment options apply to referred services rendered by outside vendors. All of our referral partners have their own pricing options and rules unless otherwise stated to you by Kyu Systems, who will make it clear to you when an outside vendor is being referred to you for any product or service. You are required to discuss payment options and terms of service with any referred vendors.

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